Klock Werk Ent. was est. in 2005 with the release of a

R&B single called "Another One Of Those dayz" and also working with local rap artist and performing at ocal venues and local televsion. releasing mixtapes while continuing performance in other cities and states. Building on th Klock Werk foundation,with prodution and offering studio time. I started doing graphics, CD duplication, making videos, progressing to designing T-Shirts silk screen and transfers.  

Marv Kinnel Ceo I started back in 1993 while in the US Navy when I first went to the studio in Seattle WA on Pike to record my first demo song. After that i returned to the East Coast. Working on my demo to submit  record labels, butat the same time I was learning about th music business. So journey began.Purchasing my own equipment, meeting people and performing. Realizing i would be better suited in the background. I started to work with artist locally still looking for the gratification of the Music Business.